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My friends are weird, but so am I by iamthek3n My friends are weird, but so am I by iamthek3n
A personal sketch project I took initiative now that my time in high school is over. I’m going to miss these guys so much. With the sketches, I drew out myself and my 9 other friends that come to mind. These sketches have things related to them based on hobbies.

Now going in order from top to bottom and left to right...

The first one is a guy that plays CS:GO a lot (much like some of my friends), but he's much fitted as a gamer in my eyes as LoL is also his go-to. Though the negative that, I feel, comes from him was egotism. That friend was Vincent.

Second one is... hard to put into words actually. Perhaps you'd see your typical anime fan in public or on the internet having a particular "worship" to an anime character and claim as their "waifu". Even after all years these years in high school, I still don't get why people glorify anime characters. Maybe they are a closeted Hifumi Yamada inside. That friend is Eric (and yes that's Onodera next to him, don't ask why)

The next person is usually made fun of for simply participating in a physical activity. That physical activity is taekwondo. Really, this one stuck in my mind as of recent years, so that friend, Jamie, is depicted this way.

Much like Jamie, this next guy is also made fun of (yeah this gonna be a common thing in this, but it's in jester) for simply his looks. My friends mention about the Instagram photo he posted of himself at the beach. He is, out of all honesty, a good-looking gentleman, and that friend, Nghia, will probably going to pose for IG photos.

The fifth one is slightly different in why I chose to draw him. Yes, that particular pose is why I draw him this way. My friends particularly made fun of him for "staunching" in every photograph taken of recent memory. That friend is Tuan (btw I don't know if you forgot about this, but thanks for introducing me to the world of Danganronpa (even though it was introduced in anime form)).

Now to a different ethnicity, he is an avid fan of Doctor Who. He is also an artist like myself. Just in a different field (which is music). Really, I'll mainly going to remember him for his god-awful puns and jokes, but he is a good friend. That friend is Munoz (personally, I call him Mike as a shorter version of his first name and not by last name).

Now this next one is a... special case. First of, he likes tofu. A bit too much. That's how I was first introduced to this character. Second of, his sense of humour. And thirdly, his personality. He kind of acts gay-ly (if that's the word I'm best describing him), and his sense of humour I sometimes don't get, but he means well, certainly. That friend (who will perhaps be in the field of business later on) is Patrick.

The third-last one requires little-to-no explanation. A fan of UFC, he trains in boxing. Even though I'm much preferred WWE, at least there's someone in my circle of friends with their different best of interests. That friend is Mark.

The second-last one... yeah, this is going to be hard to explain why I drew. Honestly, he is very mixed. Nothing outstanding comes to mind, really. I think I only drew him because I was with him since Year 7. That friend is Calvin (sorry about that if you see this).

The final one... is me. Yes, I see myself as a shy dude, the opposite of extrovert and what some described me as "a special case". And they're right for the most part. But I grew up as I gain more experience on this earth. My heart has a special place for art because it is my passion and desire as a future. Really, as far as I know, I'm the nicest man I know (and that's very egotistical for me to even say that line).
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November 22, 2016
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